I’ve been meaning to write a post about the problematic anti-terrorism legislation just passed by Parliament, the oh-so-convenient timing of the arrests of the “VIA-Rail terrorists” and especially about the Prime Minister’s completely asinine insistence that we can’t “commit sociology” around these arrests. I’ve been meaning to write it, but I haven’t had time. Work this week has been so busy that it’s pretty much taken over my entire life, and when I get home I’ve been that fun combination of wired/exhausted and it’s been all I can to to slump in front of the computer and vaporize digital Klingons for an hour while my brain tries to zero-state.

I’m off at a client site again today, and tomorrow I’m going to an SCA event halfway across the province, so unless my carpool doesn’t mind me tapping away at my iPad on the trip (and risking motion sickness to do it) I suspect that it’s going to be difficult to post anytime this weekend.

It’s coming, though. Suffice to say I’m appalled by the anti-terrorism legislation, cynical about the timing of the arrests, and itching for a chance to deconstruct the phrase “committing sociology” (which probably makes me an accessory to the commission of sociology, but whatever.) I’ll wrap that up in clever and post it when it happens. In the meantime, I leave you Stephen Fry yelling at a bishop, because that’s always good.