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Today is Day 5, and yes, I’m feeling considerably better than I was on Saturday. I’m still not great, but I’m not stumbling around in a haze, either. Ketogenesis, we’re pretty sure, has kicked in; The Fiancée™ mentioned last night while we were snuggling that I smell different. Certainly I’ve noticed the bad breath we were promised — I need to pick up a travel bottle of Listerine or something for the office because no matter how often I brush I keeps coming back — and certain other physiological signs have cropped up. I try to reassure myself that this is a sign that various toxins, poisons and Bad Things are working their way out of my system, but then I’m stuck with the realization that (ew!) they were in there in the first place.

Other things that are happening in my life: Pikeman’s Pleasure is coming up. I’d honestly lost track of the time frame on that one; we didn’t go to FOOL this year and that’s usually my milestone for Pikeman’s. Oddly, they held Crown Tournament at the same time as FOOL, but not at the same site; it was about five miles away. The good news is that Sir Nigel MacFarlane (fighting for Mistress Adrielle Kerric) won the tournament; it’ll be their second time on the thrones and they did a pretty good job the first time out, so we’re all pretty stoked about it. The down side of that, of course, is that Prince Nigel and Princess Adrielle are in our canton, as are quite a number of their household. The really down side is that their Coronation is planned for the same date as our wedding, so we’re probably going to see big holes in our guest list.

Plans for today: grinding down the (very) rough cut I made of my new gorget, then bending it into shape and (hopefully) punching holes into it for hinges and buckles. I’m hoping to have my new “lightweight” armour good to go for Pikeman’s, provided I’m able to fight; between the diet and the fact that I might get drafted into Their Highness’ entourage, I’m not entirely confident fighting will happen.