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Another fight practice last night, this one wearing my almost-complete gambeson, courtesy of a monumental effort by The Fiancée. It was also the second time I got to wear my new “lightweight” kit… and the first time against a group of fighters better than me. Conclusions: Being lighter is better: I can fight faster and longer than in my heavy coat-of-plates… but I don’t have the same amount of protection. I’ve got a series of bruises — shoulder, upper arm, hip — that I wouldn’t have gotten while wearing Big Green, so I’m clearly going to have to tighten my defence. On the other hand, I was able to keep up with Baron T a lot more than I have in the past… although I doubt he was fighting to 10/10ths of his skill level.

I got distracted from the practice, again, by the need to help out a new person. One of our newer fighters has been sharing his enthusiasm for the game with his coworkers and he’s been bringing out a steady stream of new fighters to try fighting. I think we’ll see the fellow who came out last night again: everyone made a big effort to make him feel welcome and help him get the basics down. A good rule of thumb for a newcomer’s first fight practice: make sure they have fun. That makes it a lot more likely they’ll show up for their second practice.

The other bit of news is that it’s officially been two weeks since this diet began; this afternoon The Fiancée and I get to go to The Doc’s office and plan the next step. If I was on Atkins (which I’m apparently not, but it seems to bear more than a passing resemblance) I’d be in “stage two” as of today. According to The Doc, this is just going to be “stage the-rest-of-your-life”. So I’m a bit interested to hear what he’s going to tell me today: I’m prepared for a no bread, no pop, carb-counting existence if necessary.

I do hope I get coffee and beer back, though.