It’s been a rough while the past few days: I managed to put a rib out last week, which messed up the muscles in my back for several days, causing me to miss a fight practice (or rather, to be unable to armour-up during a fight practice; I was present) and then, shortly after The Fiancée™ worked her not-yet-quite-a-Registered Massage Therapist magic on it, I managed to contract some kind of stomach bug which put me on my back for a couple of days… when I wasn’t in the bathroom. Suffice it to say my weekend was unproductive.

Thanks to the miracles of modern pharamceuticals, however, we managed to work in a trip out to the new War of the Trilliums event site on Saturday to start planning our canton encampment. We’re heading into high gear on that front; because we’re not going to the Pennsic War or Baron’s Howe this summer, “Trillies” (as Ealdormereans affectionately refer to it) is going to be our last big event before the wedding at the end of September. That means, aside from fight practices, most of my SCA time over the next couple of months is going to be in the shop.

So… what to make? I’ve got my heart set on putting together a couple of dyed silk pennants for us at some point; I’d also like to make myself a a pair of spaulders as a beginner metalworking project. And, of course, building those hourglass gauntlets that have been languishing at Master B’s place.

And then there’s all the stuff I need to make for various friends, or at least help them to make for themselves. I’ve got at least three people who need to get their armour together so that they can get out of loaner kit, and I’m host to two different sets of canton loaner gear plus two sets of our personal loaner gear that all desperately need maintenance or, in the case of The Fiancée™’s old kit, completing.

To top that off, I’m really hoping to have her sew me a few more bits of soft kit, like braes and padded chausses to wear under my leg armour; and hopefully a heraldic surcoat to wear over my breastplate.

That’s over-and-above my new responsibilities as canton seneschal, an office which I’ll be taking over at Trillium War. And, of course, getting married in September. I have to keep the the wedding in mind. And work. I’ve got to remember to show up for work.