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So I had my CPAP trial and assessment last night at the sleep clinic. This was supposed to fit me out with a prescription and own CPAP machine intended to defeat the sleep apnea that’s damaging my heart.

It turns out that several of my friends use CPAP machines for similar problems — some of them with sleep apnea just as severe as mine. Several of them had told me that I could expect one of the best sleeps of my life, and that I would be amazed at how much more rested I feel this morning than usual.

So I went to the clinic, got wired up, tried several CPAP masks (I actually prefer the full mouth-and-nose mask) and turned in about 10:30 last night. When the nurse woke me at 5:30 this morning, I noticed two important things. First, my mouth was incredibly dry, and second, the nurse had to actually wake me. Ordinarily, I’m a very light sleeper — as could be expected from someone with a sleep apnea rating of 65.

Was it the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had? No.

I mean, it was okay… but I’ve had better, and I’ve had better recently. I had trouble getting to sleep, largely because of an uncomfortable hospital bed, an unaccustomed sleeping position (I never sleep on my back, probably as a consequence of the sleep apnea) an absence of Fiancée and, let’s face it, a breathing mask strapped to my face. I’ve been assured that I’ll get used to the mask — it takes some people a couple of weeks to get comfortable with it. I’m happy to say that the CPAP itself didn’t make as much noise as I was worried about. As she got me unhooked from the tangle of wires, the nurse complemented me on my REM sleep (which was slightly surreal) and gave me a bottle of water (which was much appreciated).

But having to be woken by someone? That’s interesting. That doesn’t happen to me. In fact, most mornings I don’t even need the alarm. Charts and wires and electrolyte paste aside, that I could sleep deeply enough for someone to have to come into my room and wake me tells me that something is working right with that machine.

The company I’m buying the CPAP machine from (one of four options locally and the one which was recommended by a friend) received my prescription by fax at about 06:00 this morning called me promptly at 09:00, and made an appointment for me at my earliest convenience — Tuesday, after I get back from Trillium War.

So maybe I did get a good night’s sleep last night — I’m in a reasonably good mood, despite only having one cup of coffee. I felt good about this whole process, which is nice. In fact, the only negative thing I can think of last night is that fact that they’ve upped the overnight parking fees at the hospital again.