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Tomorrow is the nine-week mark on the diet. When I started this whole diet thing, I weighed in at 145 kgs (318lbs). As of this morning, I’m 139 kgs (308 lbs). That doesn’t sound like much of a difference when you look at it in the context of fad-diets and Facebook sidebar ads which promise “Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks!!!” but I’m happy with it for two reasons: First, my doctor wants me to lose one pound per week for the foreseeable future, a rate of weight loss which will be good for my heart; and second, muscle weighs more than fat. For the doctor, I’m right on plan; for me, my waist has gone down an inch and I can hike around in full armour without getting winded.

My Armour, Trillium War 2013
I’m sexy and I know it.

I’ve gotten reasonably adjusted to the new diet — especially now that I’m able to have at least a few carbs in a given day. My body really doesn’t like it when I get too many carbs or sugar; getting carb- or sugar-bombed has turned out to be a really good way to knock myself on my own ass for a few hours, followed by gas, bloating and massive cravings, so I’m able to be proactive about avoiding stuff I’m not supposed to have.

Bread, pasta and most grains are still right out, of course, but I can at least have a wrap or a salad when I want without worrying too much… and a beer once in a while if I’ve been good about exercise. I pretty much live off of peanut-butter-and-jam wraps when I’m in a hurry: I’ve found brand of no-sugar-added jam and some all-organic peanut butter that’s really nice in small dozes. Eggs and almonds are staples as well. I’ve been trying to keep up with the routine of five meals a day, especially breakfast, and I’ve completely cut sugar out — I’m even taking my coffee “cream, no sugar.” I do still occasionally miss chocolate bars or ice cream, but fresh vegetables and fruit seem to be filling the sweet-stuff gap. I splurged once and had some thin-crust pizza which didn’t seem to be too bad for me, so I’m hoping I can do that again.

Also, last night was the two-week mark on the CPAP machine. I’m still not noticing a huge difference with how alert I am during the day, but on the other hand The Fiancée™ says I don’t snore anymore, so I assume it’s working. I’m not particularly worried about the lack of improvement in the quality of my sleep: I wasn’t feeling particularly tired during the day before the CPAP treatment started so I suspect that my brain adapted to the sleep apnea out of sheer self-defense. In any case the whole point of this exercise is to take the strain off my heart, not to make me feel like sunshine and rainbows in the mornings. If my breathing doesn’t stop when I sleep, my heart doesn’t get damaged; being disappointed that I’m not leaping out of bed singing selections from The Sound of Music seems a little ungrateful when weighed against that.

I have set one milestone for myself, though: I’m hoping to be down below 300 pounds before the wedding… which is the last weekend of September. Ten pounds in ten weeks seems like an entirely achievable goal to me.