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We had a really good event on Saturday, despite the chill and the rain. That’s always a risk at an all-outdoor event in Ontario, especially in September. — in fact considering the forecast the event ended up being very well-attended. I ended up deciding not to fight, partly because of the wet: mild steel rusts very easily, I’d just just de-rusted my armour the week before… and in any case I’d spent eight hours in a car the night before picking up our suits for the wedding so I wasn’t in the headspace that I needed to enjoy a melee. Skipping the fighting proved to be a good decision: there were quite a few people that I needed to talk to over the course of the day and I was able to have leisurely conversations with them instead of hurried check-ins.

We camped out on Saturday despite the fact that the event site was only about a 25 minute drive from our house because my Best Man and a few of our friends organized a “Jack and Jill” party for that evening. The logic behind the party was simple: Coronation is the same day as our wedding, and the Royalty stepping up are from our canton. That blew a huge hole in our guest list, although we don’t mind: considering The Fiancée™ and I met in the SCA, we’re hardly in a position to begrudge the hard work that people are doing to keep it running. Having a Jack and Jill at a local event worked out nicely since it meant that a lot of folks who couldn’t make the wedding were able to celebrate with us a bit.

I find it hard to properly thank people for that sort of thing. I’m incredibly grateful at the hard work that folks did setting it all up, and it was amazing (and somewhat humbling) how many people took the time to give us advice and support and wish us well… and when it comes time to say “thank you” I feel like I’m just saying that because that’s what people are supposed to say. I worry that I’m coming off as insincere even though I genuinely mean it and then I worry that I’m insulting the person I’m trying to thank. (I have the same problem at funerals, too, except replace the words “thank you” with “expressing sympathy.”) But I am grateful… and I can only hope I adequately translated that to the people involved.

Other good things that happened this weekend: I watched friends get awards; I watched a friend get taken as an apprentice; I watched a bunch of friends have an absolute ball on the fighting field; and I got rascally drunk in the rain with tentful of folks on very good Irish whiskey.

I also had a number of extremely intelligent conversations on fighting in Crown Tourney, and The Fiancée™ and I were able to have a talk about it. The general consensus is that, if I’m going to do a first-time Crown Tourney, this is the Crown Tourney to do it at. After a couple if conversations we’ve decided to do it, and I’m committed to filling out the paperwork and getting it submitted at some point this week.

Interestingly, committing to Crown Tourney means that we are now committed to a honeymoon plan as well. We’ve been having trouble getting the fine details of that sorted out (school and work pressures meant that we had to delay the honeymoon for more than a month after the wedding) and now that we know we have to be at Crown the second weekend of our break, we’ve worked out a tentative schedule which will let us attend both Crown Tourney and another event which we wouldn’t otherwise have gone to (it’s an easy drive from the hotel.) So yeah, our honeymoon is going to include two weekends of SCA events and a few museums. If we weren’t officially geeks before, this has definitely elevated us to that level.

So, assuming that my application is approved, I now have a month and a half to get myself into Crown Tourney shape as well as getting married (pell-work, here I come.) Plus we’ve got to get our garb, my fighting kit, and some heraldic display up to 100% before then, as well as getting married. And I need to make a bunch of tokens to give out as “attaboys” between now and then… as well as getting married. Is anyone else seeing the over-arching theme here?

Just a bit of an aside: an “attaboy” is an SCA slang term for a small item which one gives to show approval to another combatant after a particularly chivalrous fight. One of the pieces of advice I’ve been given is that I should have a bunch of them ready to go for Crown Tourney. Total numbers of attaboys should equal the number of combatants on the entire Crown List, even if I don’t end up giving them all out… but how many that is I don’t, at the moment, know. Since I’ve never been in Crown, and since I’ve never put together a bunch of attaboy items, I need to figure out a) what’s appropriate and b) how to make enough between now and the day.