I’m coming at today’s blog post from two very different angles, and where the tangents intersect might not be entirely clear until the end.

About ten years ago I got drunk with some buddies at a pagan festival. We had one of those good-booze late-night semi-logical philosophy discussions that one tends to have on those occasions; in this case a discussion as to why we, being converts to neopaganism, were still using christian swear words. We would drop the GD-bomb and the JC-bomb and so forth into our speech (alongside the usual scatological terms) constantly and casually, as twenty-somethings are wont to do. That night we decided, through the filter of a bottle of scotch, that we should develop some proper neo-pagan blasphemies in order to swear as proper neo-pagans. So we did, and we had a pretty good time of it that night, lots of laughs.

In the morning, when we sobered up, we couldn’t use a single one of those “colourful metaphors” as Captain Spock would have called them. It wasn’t that they were particularly bad in and of themselves… it was just that, with the force of actual belief behind them, they became far, far worse than the sum of their parts. They had impact. They had gravitas. They stopped being cussin’ and started being cursing, if you take my meaning.

So, somewhat shame-faced, we all went back to the easy, reflexive judeo-christian inspired swearwords that we grew up with. The new ones had too much force to be used casually.

That’s the first angle.

The second angle is that, when I started this project, I indicated in the rules of my blog that I wouldn’t be writing too much about work. Complaining about your employment situation on an open forum is not only unprofessional, it’s dumb. Even on a bad day. So I don’t do it, and I therefore won’t be going into any further details.

That’s the second angle.

The place where those lines cross is the observation that today at the office was one of the extremely few times I’ve used one of those neopagan curses since the night, lo those many years ago, that we thought a bunch of them up.

Need I say more about my day?