I’m on Christmas break right now — my employer is of the firm belief that if he doesn’t want to work over Christmas and New Years, neither do his employees — so things have been very quiet. Likewise, the local SCA group is on hiatus until a week from Wednesday because our usual meeting nights have been statutory holidays and most of our people are out of town.

I’ve not been out of town. I’m the “on call” technician this week, which means I’m living with my phone in my pocket (and even though I wasn’t the “on call” guy last week I still logged five post-ice-storm hours) and probably shouldn’t be taking long trips. I’m writing this on a Monday morning, so I expect that I’ll be getting a page or two soon, but it’ll likely be routine stuff and not worth panicking about.

All this does mean I’m not posting much, because generally I use this blog as a way of working things out in my head, or venting my frustrations, or both. I haven’t had any frustrations for the past week and a half. I’ve had quiet time, at home, with The Wife™. This is a vacation, which I haven’t had for a while since my last vacation was used for the wedding, and the vacation before that — a couple of years ago — was a not-particularly-restful Pennsic. So I’ve been relaxing and not worrying about too much: part of that was an enforced “no travel” for the first few days of my vacation due to the weather, but the rest has been generally vegging-out. I’ve played a lot of SW:TOR the last little while, is what I’m saying.

But tomorrow night we’re being social. We’re planning on visiting a New Year’s party with friends earlier in the evening, then driving out to another friend’s farm and staying the night. Yes, I’m “on call” New Year’s Eve, but I figure as long as I take my computer bag and phone with I should be okay, since one of our hosts is a co-worker and The Boss™ is likely to be at at least one of those parties, and another co-worker is likely to be at both. Plus I won’t be drinking all very much.

I know a lot of people who are going to be very happy to see 2013 pass away, but I had a pretty good year. I’ve been going through the tail-end of my LiveJournal (I stopped posting on it in April) and going through my old blog posts here, and generally speaking I had a pretty good year. Some things were better than others, of course: getting married in September was a very big deal, although we managed to avoid the worst of the horrible wedding stress that seems to afflict people. We’ve had no major crises this year… unlike my sister who started 2013 out with a major apartment fire; or the several friends we’ve had who lost family members to illnesses; or even just that general low-grade grind-you-down shit-drizzle that seems to happen to everybody sometimes.

Yeah, 2013 was pretty good to me. The wedding, the SCA, life in general; it all sort of came together and I spent a pretty happy year. I just hope 2014 treats me as well as 2013 did.