So, it’s a new year. I was going to write a big long introspective post about my 2013, but if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve got the basics down already. Work, dog, SCA, wedding: That was 2013. It didn’t suck too badly, especially compared to what some of my social set went through.

Instead, here’s a partial list of the shit I’d like to get done in 2014:

–At the office, get my various certifications finished.
–Move into my very own office (complete with door!)
–In the SCA, go to an out-of-Kingdom war that isn’t Pennsic. Lillies War looks like it’s going to be the one, since Gulf Wars has already been spoken for my a co-worker and we’ve got a no-overlapping-vacations policy.
–Build new gauntlets and demi-gauntlets. 14th century “hourglass” style.
–Do a properly-documented A&S project for the next Queen’s Prize Tourney.
–Fight in another Crown Tourney. (Note I didn’t say win Crown Tourney.)
–One fight practice a week. Minimum.