It’s been an exhausting series of days at the office; I’m not going to discuss it on my blog, but it’s been… challenging. Between that and the usual round of life-stuff, I haven’t found much time to blog in the last week — or that special spark which says “write!”

Which is too bad, since there’s been a lot of things happening in the world worthy of comment. The whole Ukrainian crisis, the somewhat-less-reported Venezuelan crisis, the various controversies around the Olympics, or even — and this sort of bullshit is generally good at getting a rant out of me — the appalling “Turn Away the Gay” law under debate in Arizona. (Although for that last, Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station has once again said it better than I could.)

Closer to home there’s the Conservative shenanigans surrounding the so-called Fair Elections Act, the tell-all book about Rob Ford’s rise to power and support base (with predictable snarling about “media persecution” from the Brothers Ford), or even our disgraced local MP siding with anti-windfarm protesters and claiming that green power will adversely effect our regional airport’s already-disastrous business plan.

So clearly, the world doesn’t stop just because I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on in my life. My blog, however, sometimes does. And so does my planned shop time: I’ve been trying to get started on a new-gauntlet project and it keeps falling by the wayside because I’ve been too tired to do anything but read and/or play MMORPGs. I even had the house to myself this weekend — The Wife™ was out of town at an SCA event and I was on call, so I couldn’t go with — and all I managed to do was grind to level 30.

Sigh. At least I’ve been regularly attending fight practices, although only our local ones.

So, long story short, life’s been crazy lately. Or crazier. Whatever. I’m hoping to get a bit more free headspace and start writing here more regularly, but we’ll see how it goes.