I had an appointment with my respirologist yesterday… and as it turns out I had my final appointment with him. He’s referring me back to my family physician from here on in, but he’s “very pleased with the data he’s seeing from my CPAP machine”; I presume this means he’s glad I’m actually using it every night. Also (and I’m a little fuzzy on how he’s determined it since I didn’t have a blood test this time) he’s quite pleased with my blood-oxygenation levels. He also commented favourably on how much weight I’ve lost. Basically it was a “good job, keep it up, now go away and let me deal with people who have real problems” sort of visit. And barring any further disasters, I’m extremely happy to oblige; having a specialist tell you that you don’t need them anymore should probably be interpreted as a Good Thing.

This morning I called my family doctor’s office and said I’d like to book a follow-up appointment, since I haven’t seen him in half a year of busy weight loss. I was going for a chat-and-a-handshake sort of thing, but as soon as the medical receptionist opened my file it became another full round of fasting blood work, followed a week later by a complete physical. (And by “complete” I assume she means “turn your head and cough.”)

So I suspect there was a note in the file there.

I suppose it’s fair enough: I’m thirty-five years old, after all, so it’s time to start thinking about this sort of thing as an every couple-three years event. On the other hand, I’m in much better shape than the last time we did this, I’ve lost a lot of weight, and my eating habits are greatly improved. In any event a full physical takes a lot of time, so the earliest she was able to book me in is the end of July. I’ve got five months, a dozen fight practices, a few events and Trillium War between now and then, so I assume I’ll be in even better shape. (Although possibly somewhat bruised, of course.)

Now that I think about it, it’s been almost a year to the day since that initial visit to my family doctor (for a sinus infection of all things) which triggered the whole heart problem/sleep apnea/weight loss saga. It’s been a weird year on the health front, and at times a stressful one, but I’m definitely doing much better than I was in March of 2013.

Huh. I just realized that it will soon be a year since I started this blog, too.