I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed right now. We still haven’t done any hiring at the office and its becoming increasingly difficult to get caught up on the backlog of tasks that are slowly getting ahead of us. Without going into details, I’ve got projects that’s been literally put on the shelf because I don’t have a enough flat space on one of the workbenches, or my desk. Or, in some cases, my co-workers’ desks. Horizontal surfaces are at a bit of a premium, is what I’m saying.

Likewise, I’ve got a heap of stuff going on as seneschal of the local canton… on top of a bunch of other SCA including organizing a school demo for the second week of June, planning around Pikeman’s Pleasure, and of course getting organized for my Deed of Arms at Trillium War.

Not to mention getting my own personal training in gear: I wasn’t all that happy with my performance at last Wednesday’s practice and I really want to be in better condition before putting myself forward in front of the whole Kingdom. At least my personal armour-maintenance is progressing somewhat, but I really wanted to get on top of fixing up the canton’s loaner kit and it hasn’t, unfortunately, happened as much as I’d like.

On top of that is the ordinary household stuff, although with the four-day weekend I got over Easter we managed to put a dent in it, but there’s still so much to do. I managed to clean and repair our barbecue this weekend, as an example: I opened it on Friday and discovered that an enterprising (and probably very greasy) squirrel had made a nest under the grill at some point during the winter months. The Wife™ spent much of the weekend working on her garden, and The Dog™ spend her time getting underfoot and romping around and generally being a dog.

She's good at it, though.
She’s really good at it, though.

On top of that is the ordinary money/debt/time worrying that happens to everyone. What with vet bills and various other expenses (some planned-for, some unexpected) over the past month I’ve managed to rack up a credit-card balance that I’m not very comfortable with, which means that’s going to be something to deal with over the next couple-three paycheques, which takes planning and prioritizing and so on.

So… just kinda living life, really. It’s the normal, workaday, mundane stuff that people have to deal with. It just doesn’t leave a lot of time to get worked up about stuff and put it on my blog, is all.

At least it’s finally springtime, though. Our four-day weekend was full of sunshine and yardwork and walks with the dog… and finally having the house’s windows open to enjoy the fresh spring air.