So my vacation ended about a week ago and I got back to work. I pretty much hit the ground running on that front — we still haven’t hired a new person and one of our clients got hit by a nasty virus, so it’s been a case of drop everything and work long hours dealing with the problem. Fortunately, after a few hundred man-hours of work we’ve got everything sorted out, but it hasn’t made for a fun first week back from vacation. I could use another week of downtime, actually.

Despite still being shorthanded at the office, however, a lot of the stress I’d been under before my vacation started has abated: between Pikemans’ Pleasure, the school demo, Trillium War and the Passo Honroso, I was pretty heavily committed on the SCA front; add The Wife™’s end-of-program exam-stress and (of course) the situation at the office, and I was not a happy camper at the start of summer.

Post-vacation, most of the SCA stress has abated (my biggest SCA worries for the next couple of months are weather cancellations at fight practices and lining up lectures and an A&S space for the fall) and of course The Wife™ passed all her exams and is now waiting for her RMT license to arrive in the mail. Work is what it is, but I can handle a single-axis source of stress, even in the absence of the promised new hire. (That is progressing, just really slowly.)

In non-work news, I’ve put together some plans for my armour. The bulk of it is going to be unchanged, but there are some modifications that need making.
My current armour.
My current harness

The Wife™ and I are planning on making me a pourpoint; a sort of heavy vest worn under the jupon to which the cuisses are laced (or “pointed”, hence the word “pourpoint” — for points) which was the period solution to allow the leg armour to hang and move easily and one which will work far better than my current setup: my leg armour currently hangs from my kidney belt by a strap-and-buckle arrangement which has the unfortunate tendency to slip sideways under a lot of rapid motion. That needs to change… especially since I recently found an alarming gouge in my plastic cup, caused by the top of my right cuisse impacting my jock.

The upcoming modifications to my kit have largely been inspired by an excellent essay by Greg Mele called How a Man Shall be Armed… which includes many photos of a fine (and period-accurate) harness. I recommend it for anyone interested in historically-accurate armour, and I’m using it as a general guide to how I want my kit to come together, preferably before the next SCA event we’re planning on going to: The Feast of the Bear in September.

To that end, The Wife™ is also going to refurbish my current jupon: aside from the affixing the various patches and suchlike it needs, she’s also planning on removing the current velcro enclosure and replacing it with proper buttons. I’m also hoping to sweet-talk her into a new set of quilted fighting chausses which actually fit (all of my chausses need to be adjusted; I’ve lost so much weight in the last year that the supposedly fitted leg garments don’t fit particularly well anymore.)

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Andrews Photography
Some new braes wouldn’t hurt, either…
Photo courtesy of Kyle Andrews Photography

And a couple of paycheques down the road I may (if things go well on the job front) see if I convince her that I need a new set of hourglass gauntlets. A friend of mine recently bought a pair from Armstreet.com, and they look to be pretty a good value for the price. I figure I’ve got a couple-three years left in my current bascinet, but I’d really like a good set of gauntlets sooner rather than later.