Finally back in the office after about three weeks of working from home. The root cause was a massive mould outbreak at our office following a flood in the records storage room down the hall.

Long story short: Broken feeder line to a hot-water tank, discovery of flood, mishandled cleanup, miscommunication between the renter and the landlord, further miscommunications, feet-dragging, arguments about who’s going to pay, “it’s not that bad”, massive respiratory infections, co-workers needing antibiotics, work-from-home order from The Boss™, all manner of shouting happening way above my pay grade, action is finally taken, massive cleanup including the removal of about two tons of spoiled, soggy documents and a lot of rotting drywall.

Considering that it took me a week and a half to recover from my respiratory infection (which required chest x-rays) it was more than a little inconvenient. I worked from my home office as much as possible — which was something of a challenge because we’re having the garage renovated into a workspace for The Wife™.

It was not the quiet, contemplative environment that I require to get my thoughts in order, which means very few blog posts happened. I spent a lot of time, when I wasn’t working, either playing Star Trek Online or window-shopping for used sailboats (although I don’t use Windows, I use Ubuntu and/or Mac OS. Bad-dum-TISH!)

Anyway, I’m back in the office for at least part of the day — I’ll have to take off early to get ready for a friend’s wedding rehearsal this afternoon (followed by tomorrow’s wedding itself) but things are going well, both at work and at home.

The new dog, Ty, has settled in and seems quite happy with his lot: he’s filled out a great deal and his behaviour is vastly improved, although the upheaval around the construction has not been a help: we’ve had to decant the entire contents of the garage into the house, which means we’ve got a lot less space and a lot more chaos. But we’re making efforts to instil the necessary discipline and it seems to be working well — he’s a very clever dog, after all. At the moment the major challenge is to stop the constant wrestling between Ty and Kara: it’s become disruptive and Kara doesn’t seem too happy about it alot of the time; the dogs have learned the command “Stop!” and are generally good about obeying it… especially when it’s followed up immediately with an approved game like “tug” or “fetch.”

Ty being cute.

Really the only other notable thing lately has been the business around my eyes. I’ve had my current pair of glasses for close to four years, so was due (and overdue) for a checkup with an optometrist. I got in to see one upstairs (we’re in the basement of a building largely full of medical offices) last week and got a new prescription (slightly but not disastrously changed from the old one) but since this was my first visit with them she insisted that I get the full workup — pressure check, retinal photographs, everything.

And she found something that concerned her.

It’s probably nothing, but just to be on the safe side I’m getting a full run-up of glaucoma tests done in a couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve got glaucoma — I can see just fine — but better safe than sorry, right? And even if there is a serious issue, it’s going to be in the early stages to it should be extremely treatable. It’s one of the joys of middle age, I suppose.

And I am middle aged, by any reasonable estimate: I turned 36 last week. Given that my recent full physical found no problems, my weight is down, and I use my CPAP machine every night, I’m actually in better shape than I was even two years ago.