In a surprise move, Dean del Mastro has resigned his seat in the House of Commons, just minutes before the House was set to vote on suspending him.

During his weeping speech he specifically told his constituents to ignore ‘bloggers’ and focus on why they voted for him in the first place – because of who he is. His critics, he said, “are dishonouring those voters.”

I genuinely hope he’s referring to me. I genuinely hope he read what I wrote yesterday, and I genuinely hope it hurt like hell.

I stand by every word, and the fact that he thinks the exercise of my freedom of speech, rather than his blatant corruption, is the thing which “dishonours the voters” only proves my point. Dean del Mastro is either so self-absorbed that he doesn’t realize what he’s saying… or so disingenuous that he still thinks he can get away with the poor-little-me act.

Neither impresses me much.

Now, one hopes, we can get some closure and a fairly elected representative. Hell, I don’t even much care if we elect another Conservative at this point… which is always a distinct possibility in this town. In fact, the real irony in del Mastro’s situation is that he probably didn’t need to cheat to win… although now I certainly don’t envy the local Conservative Riding Association their search for a candidate unsullied by any association with Dean del Mastro.

I just want to know that the person representing me in Parliament got there fairly and honestly represents the will of the people. It’s not about party lines. It’s about democracy.