It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve last posted, which generally means that I’m too busy or too stressed to get myself into a writing frame of mind.

Right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much stuff going on in my family life, not all of it bad but a lot of it big. And in the SCA I’m really starting to feel like I can’t keep on top of my responsibilities without pretty much jettisoning everything fun about the Society, and I kind of want to have some fun. So that’s stressful.

Money is pretty tight at the moment — although that’s admittedly my fault. I spent more at Christmastime than I probably should have, and didn’t have a safety net when the oil filter fell off my car. I was still paying that sudden expense down when I ended up spending more at Second Christmastime than I probably should have. (As a quick aside, Second Christmastime in my family is the Family Day Weekend; I’ve got siblings in retail and we’ve developed the habit of having our family gathering in mid-February, because it takes a lot of pressure off of us all during the December rush.) It’s not a crisis, but I’m running a little hotter on the credit card than I’m happy with; some belt-tightening is clearly in order.

And to top it off, yesterday we got some pretty bad news at the office, and now I’m worried about the fallout from that, too.

So it’s been hard to get myself into a writing sort of headspace lately is what I’m trying to say. I’ve been trying to get my head around the woefully misnamed “anti-terrorism act” and the consequences for the environmental movement in light of the leaked RCMP report… but it’s been all fits and starts, which has been intensely frustrating. Fortunately, Keith Stewart over at Greenpeace has written a blog post which sums it up better than I could, so I’m just going to offer that instead.

I’m trying to keep on top of things, and I’m trying to take care of myself. But it’s not easy, sometimes.