The last month or so has been pretty hectic. 

In mid-February The Wife™ and I pulled up stakes and moved from Peterborough to the Niagara region.  It’s now mid-march, and we’re finally getting settled down.  The last month has included such delights as:
–Moving into a house with a broken furnace. In February.
–Figuring out how to change the codes on the “keyless entry” to the garage after someone (presumably one of the adult children of the former owner) gained entry to the garage.
–A downed Bell line, followed by several days of Bell customer service, followed by a city worker saying “to hell with it”, cutting the line and coiling it up at the base of the pole, where it remains four weeks later. (We are not currently Bell customers and after the last four weeks of their bullshit never will be again.)
–Repeated trips back and forth to Peterborough to pick up stuff from the old house, including The Dogs™ and the contents of my old workshop (which the movers declined to bring.)
–Repeated trips to IKEA. Love their furniture and household gadgets, hate their customer service. And the crowding in the store.
–De-skunking The Dogs™. De-skunking the back shed. De-skunking every textile in our house. De-skunking the upstairs bathroom. Doing it all again three or four times until the last lingering burnt-rubber skunk-stink has finally faded.
–Moving furniture and boxes around the new house, unpacking them, debating where they should go and then moving them around again.
–Freezing rain and accompanying power outages.
–Car troubles.
–Computer troubles.
–iPhone troubles.

The month has also included many good things:
–Getting three months’ worth of backdated EI in a chunk; I was entitled to it and was cut off early due to a clerical error on their end. It came in very handy during the weeks of moving. (Good on Service Canada for catching and correcting the issue, by the way: I had no idea.)
–Helping my youngest sister slip quietly into Canada from her home in the UK for a two-week visit, thus setting up an absolutely epic surprise for the rest of my family. (Seriously, short of concealing a pregnancy there is no way to top that level of family-surprise, ever.)
–Spending Family Day weekend with my actual family, including playing Cards Against Humanity with my siblings and my mom.
–Christening my new wet bar with my sisters, my brother, my brother-in-law and my brother-in-law-to-be.
–The Deadpool movie. See it. Laugh. A lot. (Also, Happy International Women’s Day!)
–The purchase of a 55-inch, ultra-hi-def TV and a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar for the new rec room, something that The Wife™ has been wanting (and saving) for quite some time now. Followed immediately by figuring out how to stream movies and TV shows off our home server. Followed by a large and loud re-watch of de-specialized edition of Star Wars Episode IV.
–Lots of MechWarrior Online time, now that PGI is actually enforcing their Code of Conduct (back when I played in Beta, they didn’t) and have fixed the toxic, homophobic culture within the player base. Applying to join an elite MWO unit. Going through the month-long application process. Making the cut.
–Many puppy snuggles, both pre- and post-skunking.
–The ongoing exploration of the Niagara area, with thorough investigations of local grocery stores, liquor stores, and pet supply stores to make sure we can find all our favorite things. Being generally successful in finding said things.
–Finding the local farmer’s market.
–Spending much time with my twin sister and my brand-new niece who only live three blocks away from our new house.

There’s much else to add, I suppose. I’m hoping, now that we’re much more settled in, to get back to writing on a regular basis. We’re also hoping to get out to the local SCA practices, although until the garage is organized my armour isn’t really all that accessible, and will doubtless need some work done to it before it’s combat-ready again.

I also want, now that the weather is better, to do some driving around the area and get a feel for things in general. I’ve gotten to know the area between our place and The Wife™’s new job very well, as well as the route along the QEW towards Burlington and Hamilton, but I’d like to spend a day just meandering around the area and getting a feel for the off-the-beaten-path stuff.

Life is getting back to normal, just in a new place.