Things are going really well for me right now – personally & professionally – and I’m finding myself in a much better headspace these days. Traditionally, me in a better headspace means me writing… but the new job, as much as I’m enjoying the challenge and the opportunities (not to mention the steady paycheque) doesn’t leave me a lot of time during the day to write.

Four days a week I work a 12-14 hour day, on a good day and sometimes as much as 14-16 hours on a long day. As much as I enjoy my job — and The Wife™ has commented more than once that I get home tired, but not miserable, like back in the day when I worked in a call centre — that does mean I don’t have a lot of time in the evenings in which to get myself sorted and writing.

And I’m not writing as much as I used to, which is becoming a serious problem for me.  But I’m only working a four day week, which means I’m getting a day off every single week, although it tends to float around depending on business needs.  So I’ve come up with an idea. Not an original idea, by any means, but a good idea, I think.

One of the things I used to do, back in my university days, was attend writers’ workshops where you were given a topic and had to write on it, whether or not it was something you were interested in. It didn’t matter what you wrote, but you had to use the assigned topic as a catalyst to improve your writers’ craft. And it was quite interesting as a technical challenge, and I’m glad I did it.

So I’ve made myself a promise – I’m going to write at least one blog post per week. And posting on my “day off” will be mandatory.  If I can get myself into the habit of posting regularly, I can hopefully get my writing to improve. And it doesn’t matter if I’m creating epic blog posts, so long as I’m creating something in the way of a post. The great ones will filter to the top, and at least the less-great ones will keep me improving as a writer.

And being a good writer is not only important to me, but I’m starting to believe it’s good for me too. Yes, it takes good headspace to let me write but maybe if I start making myself write, regardless of my current headspace, it’ll force me into that good space whether or not I start there.

Or something like that.