About Me & My Blog

The Rules of My Blog:

1 — This blog contains my opinions. It also contains rude language, venting, ranting and occasionally poetry. You’ve been warned.
2 — If you’re going to comment on my blog, read this section first.
3 — If you’re going to comment on my blog, read the article you’re commenting on first.
4 — Read twice, comment once.
5 — All comments are moderated by me and automatic comment posting is off. All incoming comments must be manually approved, so if your comment doesn’t come up immediately, that’s why. I try and vet all comments within 24 hours.
6 — I reserve the right to quote, analyze, censor, delete and/or mock any commentary on this blog. Opinions which differ from mine have a much better chance of being approved if they’re framed in intelligent, respectful language.
7 — Piss me off and I’ll ban you.
8 — I respond rather poorly to insults, attempts at censorship and threats in general so if that’s all you’ve got to contribute, don’t bother.
9 — Don’t presume you can order me around. Ever.

Rules for Reposting my Content

1 — This is my original content and work. It is my property, and I maintain all rights and ownership of my intellectual property.
2 — Feel free to link to my blog, but if you’re going to re-post more than, say, a paragraph or so, then you need to ask my permission. All re-posts must be credited to me, with a link to this blog.
3 — If you misquote me, misrepresent me, or take my words and use them out of context to justify a position I don’t support, or rip me off and try to pass off my uncredited work as your own, I will go medieval on your ass. And since I’m a re-enactor of medieval history with a house full of reproduction mayhem, that’s not necessarily metaphorical.
4 — If you’re making money off my original content, then you’ll need my written permission and I’ll want a piece of the action. Make money off me without my permisson and I’ll skip the mister-nice-guy routine in #3 and go straight for the lawyers.

Who am I?
I’m a man in my mid-thirties, recently married and just getting settled down in life. I work in IT, I write a bit in my spare time, and I have some interesting hobbies.

For a most of my twenties I was a hardcore activist, but I’ve settled down and am working for a living these days. I have a house and a job, a wife and a dog, but don’t let my suburban heteronormative appearance fool you: Down deep I’m still the radical bisexual neopagan activist that I’ve always been. I still support social justice, ecological responsibility, and inclusiveness for all genders and orientations. A lot of my blog posts are going to about that sort of thing, and as anybody who knows me is aware, I lean so far to the left that stuff occasionally rolls off the table.

For fun, I play in the Society for Creative Anachronism, recreating the European Middle Ages without the religious strife, sexism, racism and open-air sewers. I own a real suit of armour and various fake implements of mayhem which I’m learning to use. A large number of posts will involve my personal experiences with medieval reenactment and especially with the challenging but rewarding efforts I’m making to become a swordsman.

What’s this blog going to be all about?
Simply put, it’s going to be about, well, my life.  For a long time I treated my LiveJournal as a fairly exhibitionistic diary, using it to vent, to complain and to sort out the things in my life that I needed to think through.  That’s not going to change that much, although I will be fairly aware of the fact that this is a more public venue. Even considering that anyone with a minimum of net-fu can find out who I really am I won’t use names… at least of the real people in my life.  The most I’ll ever use is an initial… and there’s no guarantee that any initial will be a real one.  And occasionally nicknames, I suppose.  A tiny illusion of anonymity is to be preserved in the digital age, after all.

What won’t you see on this blog?  
Generally speaking, I’m not going to talk about work.  I work for a small IT firm where my co-workers and employer all are friends; that means they know what’s going on in my life and read my Facebook, so they’ll be able to see this blog.  Complaining (or even commenting) on one’s job in a public forum is unprofessional; when I see people getting fired for bad-mouthing their employer it always makes me shake my head: There’s stuff you do, and stuff you don’t do.  Working for an IT company teaches you the difference pretty quickly.

Fair warning:
I have no patience for jollying along bigots, homophobes, assholes and fools. If you’ve got a problem with equal marriage, small-l liberalism, social justice or economic equality, do us both a favour and walk away from this blog now: it’s going to save time and aggravation in the long run. I reserve the right to censor, delete and mock any commentary on this blog, particularly “right wing” commentary; There are places in this world where we can have a dialogue on our various opinions, but this is not one of them: This is my space. That means I get to say what I want to say in my space and I have the right to curate what other people say in my space. If I don’t like what you write, I will delete it; If you’re rude and offensive, I’ll delete it and ban you. If you don’t like it: tough. You can do and say what you want on your own damn page.


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